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"delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself"
-jane wagner

pt. 1 high school

waiting for my clothes to dry
wonderin’ if i should have replied
to ur last message
am i seriously asking this question
shoWed me more than once or twice
u don’t give a fuck, waste my time
i never learn my lesson
and u love to put me in detention

all i know is
i’m simping on the train
hoping ur going the same way

honEstly this is embarrassing
haven't been like this since seventeen

all i know is
i’m swiping through my page
late at night looking for ur name

honeStly this is embarrassing
haven’t been like this since sevenTeen


make it impossible for me to love u
u like to slide In

but u never come through

u got me feeling like

i’m back in high school

u make me Lose my cool 

ur good at it too


praying for another sign
but i ignore them all, i cant lie
it's become an obsession
but its just ‘cause i want the attention wondering if i’m on ur mind
like u are in mine
i’m faiLing at discretion
but delusion is what i excel in


make it impossible for me to love u
u like to slide in

but u never come through

feelin’ like i’m back in High school
got me acting a fool

pt. 2 wrong place, wrong time

i’m looking for ur yellow beanie

like ur looking for my earmuffs on the train

i know ur wondering whAt i’m doing

eVery hour of the day

when u go east

u wonder if you’ll see me

i find excuses to go west

even though its kind of inconvenient

u like to show me what i’m missing

while i try to ice u out

and when i’m finally on the right page

it’s ur turn to shut me down


wrong placE wrong time

right person

wish u were mine

wrong place wrong time

ur (i'm) broken

wish i knew why


ur textiNg all ur other girls but deep down

u wish it was me

u dial my number on a night ouT

then remember we don’t speak


i’m curving boy after boy

i just wanna be yours

constantly checking My phone

777s what i’m looking for


maybe ur not looking for me at all

maybE i’m making this up to

make me feel better for stories

that never goT told

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